Latest Men’s Curly Hairstyles + Haircuts 2019

2019 is curly tops time to shine we?ve spent the last 10 years trying to iron out that lions mane. Now Men’s Curly Hairstyles?Trends are back in a big way, mainly due to the massive resurgence of the taper- fade haircut as we can now go for a short skin fade on the sides & let the top go wild. So its the best of both worlds clean and messy.

Mens Curly French Crop Fade

french crop fade 2019
Created By m13ky

The most on trend mens haircut of 2018/9 french crop fade, translates perfectly to the curly haired gent. It keeps the sides high and tight with the skin fade + short blunt fringe keep things tidy upfront. Great low fuss easy to mange short crop.

Styling hack: Achieve a textured, Hydrating semi matte finish, by applying a dime sized amount of Viking Hydrating Fibre Cream sparingly root to tip on towel dryed hair.

Short Curly Faux Hawk

mens hairstyles 2019

Tidy defined semi-shine curly faux hawk enhanced with faded sides and clipper slice line. Great short crop Men’s curly hairstyles.

Thick Hair Men’s Curly Hairstyles

mens hairstyles 2019
Created By james_beaumont

Box Fresh ! messy textured thick hair type + thick fringe and awesome clipper design swoosh line that cuts into the beard.

Styling Hack: To easily recreate this messy short crop mens hairstyle. Apply a small amount of Tigi Wax Stick to dry hair in a circular motion to create a cool defined semi shine textured effect.

Natural Curly Long Fringe

Super street long curly fringe drop fade sides. Men’s curly hairstyles 2019.

Curly Hair Styling Hack Vid

Skin Fade Curly Faux Hawk

men's curly hairstyles 2019
Created By vitabarber

This striking skin fade is to the bone ! we also like the super short trending blunt fringe.

Men’s Curly Hairstyles: Heavy Wedge

mens haircuts 2019

Cool big wild curls with heavy weight wedge + drop skin fade.

Styling Hack: Want Curls but hate Frizz ? then use John Frieda Frizz Ease curly hair serum. Apply 1 pump of serum to towel dryed hair then leave to dry naturally of defuse with hairdryer on a low heat. Hair will be frizz free even in bad weather situations !

Tight Wet Look Curls Short Sides

men's curly hairstyles 2019
Created By maurofinestbarber

High Fade Short Crop Natural Curls

mens's curly hairstyles 2019
Created By jakfinchhair

Another great example of skin fade curly top & great mid length lined out beard.

Untamed Big Curls + Drop Fade

men's curly hairstyles 2019
Created By josh.watson23

Tame wild big bushy curls, with an ultra modern skin drop fade.

Lions Mane Men’s Curly Hairstyles 2019

men's curly hairstyles 2019

Styling Hack: For Crisp frizz free curls/waves no matter how wet the weather, use Blind Barber Sea Salt Spray its light hold + non sticky for a naked natural feel.

Men’s Curly Hairstyles Inspiration

mens haircuts 2019
Created By barber_od

Extream skin fades really show the contrast between curls and short sides. Add clipper design slices for more personal style.